The journey behind our new identity

Decoding TrustWorks

TrustWorks isn't just another Privacy Management Platform.

It’s a co-created privacy solution drawn from the expertise of a whole community of professionals.

We built TrustWorks based on the real-world experiences, pain points and challenges that privacy professionals face every day. During that process, we discovered something important: Privacy leadership does not have to be a lonely place.

Once we realised that building trust is a team endeavour, our journey from the original QueryLayer brand to our new TrustWorks brand became supercharged.

TrustWorks is a supremely user-friendly product that brings technology to privacy teams, fed by a community of human privacy experts. It incorporates all the latest features - like no-code, easy-to-use automations, AI and a collaboration module - that are already available to sales, marketing and product teams. Now, they’re available to privacy teams too. From best practices and templates to time-saving automation, TrustWorks provides everything you need for privacy compliance. Here’s how we got there…

Building TrustWorks

Our founders Pádraig and Krzysztof combine a PhD in computer software engineering with extensive experience of data engineering, data governance and the privacy engineering space. They were struck by how difficult it was to achieve organisational alignment between privacy/legal professionals and other stakeholders. This was particularly tricky in fast-paced, dynamic scale-ups, businesses taking an agile approach to projects and companies going through mergers and acquisitions.

The technology existed to implement privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default solutions but the practicality of doing so was tough. Companies needed a solution that didn’t just solve operational privacy challenges but brought colleagues along on the journey. A collaborative framework with automation that could easily be deployed.

Building Trust is a Team Sport

This is where TrustWorks come in.

Pádraig and Krzysztof created a safe space for the privacy community. Somewhere they could network, seek support, share their knowledge and discuss challenges. More than 200 in-house privacy teams from leading scale-ups and enterprises shared their experiences, raising some major frustrations:

- Poor visibility on assets and processes in a changing environment;
- Dependency on IT, resulting in long timescales for automation projects (such as data mapping or data subject requests);
- Lack of support from business and IT stakeholders, making even manual controls and assessments difficult to accomplish

The result? Outdated documents and undiscovered compliance, security and business risks. Far from ideal.

This is where TrustWorks comes in. TrustWorks is now ready to disrupt. Our product provides a practical approach to solving the challenges that privacy professionals face, in a dynamic business context. All underpinned by the deep knowledge and privacy expertise of our community. Privacy is no longer a lonely place.

Join our journey

If you’re fed up with shouldering the burden of privacy alone, it’s time to discover TrustWorks’ distinctly collaborative approach – to talk to us about working as your partner on the solution that best suits your business context.

Our customer-centric approach and easy-to-use data mapping automation delivers a unique approach to your privacy program. We’ll help you on your privacy and compliance journey and bring your whole organisation along for the ride. We’ll even add to your team, with an AI Assistant embedded into the product, built on our community’s expansive knowledge.

Data mapping. Assessments. Data subject requests. TrustWorks takes care of all this and more. We provide you with an easy-to-use, automated data map, a privacy code scanner, an AI-powered record of processing activities (RoPA) and privacy workflows for privacy-by-design, data subject requests, assessments and controls. All built on top of proven best practices and templates from our community.

TrustWorks boasts outstanding interoperability too, so you can use the platform as the core component of your privacy program or integrate it into your existing stack of tools – whatever best suits your needs.