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Bridge the gap between privacy and engineering teams

Focus on strategic work over manual tasks by automating data protection processes. Stop relying on manual assessments and eliminate the risk of human error. Discover and mitigate privacy risks in source code to truly build a privacy-by-design culture.

short time-to-value

Automation for privacy compliance and governance

Real-time data map in minutes
Get privacy and security on the same page with our automated data map, their shared source of truth. Stop relying on surveys to keep track of changes in tools used and business processes and reduce the risk of human-error.
Privacy code scanner
Do not rely on manual code reviews to check for personal data stored and data flows to other platforms. Implement our code scanner in new releases to stay informed about any new occurrences.
Streamline assessments
Put an end to unnecessary manual work. Instead of asking engineers to provide information from scratch, work with smart assessments so they only have to approve the information displayed.

Privacy code scanner

Privacy code scanner for efficient collaboration between engineering and privacy

With our privacy code scanner, you will get a self-served, instant overview on personal data processed and shared in internal systems. Drastically cut the time spent by privacy, security and engineering teams on traditional assessments.

Do you want to see how leading global businesses streamline the collaboration between Privacy, Information Security and Engineering?

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Data visibility and privacy insights in real-time

Embrace the power of privacy automation as you discover and classify data assets that store and process personal data. Auto-generate risk insights and requirements for assessments – all in one easy-to-use, collaborative platform.


Record of Processing Activities

Stop stressing about outdated spreadsheets, missing data and scattered Records of Processing Activities (RoPAs). With TrustWorks you will maintain your RoPA up-to-date, leveraging automated discovery and a unique collaboration tool that your business will love.


Privacy and Security Assessments

Forget the pain of countless interviews and surveys. Our solution streamlines the assessment process, making it effortless and efficient, so your teams can focus on what they do best.


Data Subject Requests

Transform inefficient and error-prone manual data subject request (DSR) processes into a seamless experience that delights consumers. As DSR numbers continue to grow, our solution eliminates the hassle, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


Privacy by Design

Gain instant and automated oversight of data processing and sharing in your internal systems and products. Mitigate risks and improve communication with your engineers by connecting to the source code repositories. Get visibility where it matters most.